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Blog theme for fashionable people

We have another beautiful and stylish project coming soon, and we’re delighted to say it will a feature a cleaner style, more dynamic and simple, also with our legendary Touch Layout Builder. Here is a sneak peak of the item being designed, so stay tuned, it will look awesome!

It is almost ready for launch! Check out Slimvideo!

New theme coming up! Yup, you heard it right. And it is a big one! It has been a while since our last product launch, but this is amazing! Slimvideo should be an excellent choice for those looking for a Video WordPress Theme. And better yet – it is BuddyPress compatible, which means you can easily create a video community. Plus, we made sure it has all the right recipes to make it your first choice:

  1. Front-end submission. Just like VideoTouch, Slimvideo comes with a front-end submission page for users. After they log in, you can select what they can post.
  2. BuddyPress compatibility, so you can create a comunity, send messages between users, connect with others, follow them, etc.
  3. WooCommerce compatibility. This has been available in all our latest themes, so you can easily create a shop to sell your products. The clean layouts makes it easy for everyone to do it.
  4. Featured videos (staff picks). Staff can pick videos to promote them, and using the options in the drag and drop builder can showcase featured (staff picked) videos in frontend.
  5. List posts with timing option – you asked for it, we have it for you now. You can list posts from a certain amount of time, plus you can sort them by likes, views, date, or comments.
  6. 4 completely different single video layouts than you can choose from. You can select a default one, or you can choose different layouts for every video post.
  7. Pre-roll ads. Users have been asking for this and we have it included for Slimvideo. You can add a video and using our very simple ad management monetize your views.
  8. Top authors widget and builder element, so now you can showcase the authors with most posts published or the most followed ones.
  9. Row mask gradients has been in our mind for a while as well, and we made it possible for Slimvideo users to create stunning visual gradient overlays. They just look gorgeous!
  10. Stream slider is included. Better said, a new version of it. You can see it on our demo pages, it looks awesome!

and so many many more.

For anyone interested to see what it looks like for now and give it a go – you can see the demo here: http://demo.touchsize.com/slimvideo

This is a work in progress website, so you can encounter some minor errors and bugs. Please, do let us know if you find any issues by using the contact form on our website.

Hope you are as excited about this project as we are, and if you have any ideas for improvement – we’ll be glad to hear your thoughts and make the theme even better.

Stay tuned, it should happen soon enough.

P.S. We have a couple of other surprises coming soon, so the summer might get hotter than you think.

VideoTouch – our new video WordPress theme

We are pleased to announce that VideoTouch – our video WordPress theme is almost ready for launch. We got the best that we could from Codmark – and made it even better. It features new builder elements, new options, and a clean design. Also, we made sure that you will have a great experience with it. Check the live demo here: live demo.